Promo Options

As micro-influencer's trends are rising, we are pleased to provide feature/promotion/sponsorship services to various product and service-based businesses from all around the world. We make sure you deliver your message to our unique global audience with our digital assets - various social media combinations, subscribers and/or Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy Podcast.


Some of the options we offer are:

  • single IG promo
  • complex IG, FB, TW promo
  • targeted complex promo with Meta and advanced Ads
  • targeted LinkedIn feature
  • single feature on Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy Podcast with our without added SM
  • sponsorship for Motivational Monday by Jim & Lucy Podcast - monthly, quarterly or annually with advanced SM


The brands we have worked with so far include:

Lancôme, Van Houtte, Dr.Teal's, Kittl, Stride Soles, Drawn by AI, etc.

Check LinkInBio for examples:


Some numbers available here 

Reach out to get your unique promo, feature or sponsorship arranged!