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About Us

 Real-life husband and wife, business partners, and professionals with extensive experience in business and personal development. Authors on numerous business and children books they are leading personal and business coaches who help clients improve the quality of their lives.

Our Philosophy

We believe the world is incredible! We believe people can make astonishing changes. We believe the life is amazing!
We believe every person has enormous potential, and we want to help them to uncover it. There is always a way to change things for better, and there is always room for development and space for new you.

Our Businesses

We authored and co-authored six books on personal, professional, and business development. We run two successful global businesses with a focus on leadership training & strategic development. Leadership & diversity corporate training - Woods Kovalova Group and Strategic Development for startups and solo-preneurs - WKG Strategy.

Our Lifestyle

Change can be challenging. We'll help you see crisis as an opportunity and embrace change. As a couple, we appreciate what each of us brings to the proverbial table. We do everything together.

And we enjoy it! We want you to enjoy your life, your marriage, and your work too! We design our coaching & products to help you achieve more.

Us & The World

We support diversity in thinking, differences, people and cultures. We want you to embrace your creativity, challenge yourself to demand more from life, and succeed in every direction.

We support multiple causes with environmental and social focus with organizations with global impact.

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Strategy Coaching - Lucy

Productivity, peak performance, and strategic planning. Let's do it together!

Career Coaching With Jim

You deserve to live better. Embrace your individuality and follow your passion

Other Options

Our books and ebooks, Motivational Monday Podcast, articles and videos...

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New Products

Our commitment is to support and facilitate  positive changes around the world. We dedicate 2024 to our new beginning - WKG Strategy Foundations - the project that assists people with visible and invisible disabilities with career transition. We invite you to joion us as a contributor, or ambassador, or donor.

Learn more and join us here:

BTW Ordering from our Motivational store, you are supporting us too - all profts are forwarded to WKG Strategy Foundation!