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Ways to Unlock Potential You Have

Ways to Unlock Potential You Have

Posted by Jim Woods on Mar 16th 2023

Choosing to become our best self is a combination of attitude and strategy. Attitude is turning a need into a must. Below are several approaches to unlock potential, the one you have hidden in you. For them to work, you must create a tireless quest for action. We are now beyond dreaming.

Concentrate on your strengths. Doing so is simple: You do not need to be great at everything. I want you to accentuate your strengths. Understand you have boundless possibilities assuming you exert time and energy on your talents. Giving too much negative focus on your faults will lead to your vacillating between effort and timidity.

Where we give our attention things tend to flourish. Commit to today! Permanently set aside mistakes of yesterday. Over 28 years ago, I had a friend's dad call me. He was frantic. His son had left the company, only to start a little water company in Las Vegas. He had found a novel way of bottling it in small plastic bottles. His dad, who was once my manager said, he wants you to be his partner. I didn't have the vision of the future.

I remarked, "Who is going to purchase water in bottles when they can get it from the tap?"

My former colleague went on to become a "gazillionaire."

Do not allow your past to keep you blinded to what can be. Learn to let it go. If elect to think about the pas at all, think about what you learned from it so that you are propelled forward. Regardless do not dawdle in an effort to allow your past to be a focal point. We can’t change the past. You can mold your future by influencing you now.

Focus on your primary concerns. Choose your priorities wisely.

Focus on the end in mind. It's easy to become frustrated when the work is hard and the journey seems long. If you start feeling adrift, rethink your premise. Ask yourself the hard questions without attempting to reconfigure the past.

  • What am I working toward?
  • Why am I trying to achieve it?
  • Why does it matter?

Reminding yourself of your “Why.” Remain focused on the big picture. You’ll discover your thirst to succeed will triumph over any adversity.