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 How We Lose Our Confidence and How You Can Help Others Not To

How We Lose Our Confidence and How You Can Help Others Not To

Posted by Lucy Kovalova-Woods on Mar 16th 2023

Remember the days of our childhood, when running around as friends were so exciting? We played hide and seek for about four or five blocks. We'd run to the city edge that seemed to stretch forever, playing in the mud and catching balls. We built a ramshackle treehouse, a stage, and even had concerts. There were swings to enjoy the time much more. What freedom to think wildly back then, and we weren't afraid to go for it or take chances. Everything seemed possible.

Sometimes thinking about all the crazy things we did, makes me wonder how we safely passed those times. Strange. Why was everything so much easier back then? Making friends and running in a group (which worked perfectly between those who led and those who followed) was exciting and easy. I can feel the excitement of our building ridiculous projects. Somehow even during the school year, we did a lot, and summer, well, it was entirely off the charts. None of us questioned if we could - we just did.

  • Were we more confident? It seems so.
  • Were we more careless? We sure were.
  • Were we different? Not really.

Over time, our confidence can seem to disappear. But, it is still there. Do we use it to the best of our abilities in a way that serves us? That is the question.

The theory suggests that we are all born with certain qualities and specific traits. And we either develop beyond them to succeed or pass aimlessly through this life.

Do we give the best version of ourselves? Not always. Because when we are younger, we are often urged to stop dreaming and imagining big goals to pursue communication skills, develop certain traits, and target leadership roles. With our fears, we may not be able to follow and succeed on that path.

Why do we change? Societal norms, family pressures, and a general vision of somebody else's version of success are forced upon our personality that sometimes we can't see how we can shine in absolutely different directions in unique ways.

The hidden value of confidence is that it can be a massive booster for our career and personal development. Still, when it is constricted by society, family members, or spouses, one can become unhappy.

Our confidence is damaged. Without goals and beliefs, we too become challenged. Let's help people around us to embrace their personality, their strength, and their dreams. Let's help them regain their self-confidence that withers under the stress of what others think is best for us. We can decide for ourselves.

How can you help people around you?

  • Be less critical
  • Listen to understand before reacting
  • Be supportive
  • Find materials to support their ideas
  • Help steer them in the best direction
  • Be there for them regardless of the outcome
  • Encourage by the kind word

What not to do?

Pushing something on them that you think is better

  • Constantly criticizing
  • Speaking ill of them

While these ideas can appear insignificant, you can make a tremendous difference by following those guidelines. You'll see that you have made a difference. You have the power to affect people's lives positively.

Try it. And share your life-changing stories with our listeners on the Motivational Monday Podcast.