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Your 2023 Personal Strategy

Your 2023 Personal Strategy

Posted by Lucy Kovalova-Woods on Mar 16th 2023

Strategy... it's a word that seems tailor-made for the corporate world. But unfortunately, most people aren't ready to accept that strategy is a uniquely individual concept.

Much time and energy is spent discussing plans for the next year and making promises to oneself. And how often have we failed to follow through on those promises?

Classical examples for you:

  • I will stop eating sugar on January 1st…well, maybe after celebrations…
  • I will go to the gym to get ready for vacation…
  • I will stop smoking on Monday
  • I will start savings from the next paycheck…

Sounds familiar?

Those are, unfortunately, the sorts of plans that never pan out. Why? The answer is usually "not right now, because"; there are always thousands of reasons to put things off.

You must realize that there always be something, something to derail you, to distract you, to discourage you. If you accept that fact and still find a way to progress – even a tiny bit, you are on the right track. Have you heard of ‘making good habits?’ or ‘pushing through no matter what?’ or ‘consistency?’

Well, it is all about it. There are many concepts that were used and described over the years, and all of them are valid. The secret is in finding the concept, the system, and the wording that works for you. Can you do so? I’m sure you can.

Why do we inevitably fail when we set goals for the New Year?

There are three explanations for this:

1. Cooling off

2. Lack of intention and action – acting on popularism

3. Lack of planning and strategy

There’s no way you can do it without a strategy. The secret formula is here (yes, there’s one formula that can get anyone started, but the final results will depend on determination, action, and, basically, on you). And the secret formula is:

Dream ►Goal ►Strategy ► Plan ► Action

It is very complex despite its seeming simplicity.

Is there a secret to keeping those New Year's promises? Simply put, stick to the formula without ignoring current trends, avoid chasing after fads or pursuing naive or unattainable populist ideals, and choose for change deliberately rather than desperately.

Which goals do people typically set for the coming year?

It is no surprise that they should reduce their weight, stop smoking, and pursue other forms of income. So, where do we go wrong?

You don't need to wait until January 1st to start losing weight, and if you find that a specific weight loss strategy isn't working for you, like intermittent fasting, you don't have to keep using it. However, until it's too late and only extreme measures will help, it takes a little effort every day to alter your behavior. So start making those changes with the help of guidance, encouragement, and motivation. First, reduce or eliminate the sugar in your diet. Then cut down on your carb intake and get going.

Simply deciding to stop smoking is enough. Test out patches, explore new interests and new hobbies, and discover your "why." I've been where you are. Therefore I speak from experience.

You don't have to wait for something to happen before you launch your side business. Not only that, but you only need yourself, dedication, and action rather than a large sum of money, time, or connections.

In all honesty, it can all be this simple. The most common link that is broken and failing people is either between dream and goal or between strategy, plan, and action. No surprise that one broken link is failing you. So, let’s fix it.

Why do you think we fail in goal setting? Because we all like to dream… and it is actually a good thing. Without dreaming, you will not even know what you want and will be following someone else’s dream.

Dreaming is good. It feels nice, and isn’t it nice if, just like in a fairy tale – you woke up, and your dream comes true? Well, it a fairy tale… in reality, you are the one who has the power to bring that dream into reality. So, what are you waiting for?

Try out my formula, and if you still need guidance, contact me at this link to schedule a consultation.