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Whenever Dream Becomes Reality

Whenever Dream Becomes Reality

Posted by Lucy Kovalova-Woods on Mar 16th 2023

We all dream – big or small, regularly or occasionally. It is just a part of us and can be either delusional bliss or a powerful tool for higher achievements. Pretty exciting distinction, isn’t it?

You make things happen. Things around you don’t happen to you but for you. Why? Because no matter how dire circumstances are, you can turn things around – if you are determined to achieve your goals. And you always have enough resources to do so – no matter what.

Sometimes we get tired get discouraged due to the sequence of adverse events that happened to us. If this is happening to you, take your time, recharge your batteries, make a new plan, and go for it! Yes, no pity, no self-pity, no waiting for help, no asking for charity. Getting into victim mode doesn’t bring you anything.

Yes, sometimes we need help, and it is nice to get some help. But make sure you don’t slide into the victim’s mode and rely on support instead of getting up and building your success story. You deserve better than waiting for the next handout from friends, government, family, or charity. No handouts! You are not a victim.

If you can’t seem to break a cycle – analyze what you are doing and make the changes. Figure out what else you can try, what can you change – change within first. Many people have a delusional belief that it is just all around them. This is how they end up moving from state to state, looking for a better life, or moving/dreaming of moving to another country, thinking it’s just going to be better. While this move makes a difference for many, there are quite a few who are forced to go back with no success. Why? Because groundwork – the inner work has not been done. Frankly, there are opportunities everywhere –think deeper. Moving from one place to another, hoping for better, is not always an option – honestly,

if you can’t make things happen where you are, what makes you think you will be in the new place? If you expect good Samaritan help upon arrival to the new location, guess what – this help will not last forever. You have to do the heavy lifting yourself.

Another common misconception is forever learning experience. In comparison, we have to understand our entire lives – which is a great thing, jumping from one area to another for decades with the hope that you can make it in the new field only reasonable when well-research and well-thought. Look back, for the past 5-10-20 years, what has changed? Now think if what you have done wrong. Not what is wrong around you, but you are doing wrong yourself. The world is not evil; opportunities are not drying out when you age or suddenly get a disability. Options may be different depending on circumstances, but they are always there.

Ultimately, following a dream is your choice. Not following is your choice as well. You can’t just stop every time you feel discouraged. It would help if you made an effort again and again. Success doesn’t come to those who wait – it’s absolute lye. Success comes to those who work hard, keep pushing, keep working, and keep changing things when those things don’t work.

Stop waiting for things to happen. Stop ‘praying and waiting.’ Stop waiting for the right moment, for the right circumstance, for someone to come and rescue us. Because you know what? You may never feel it’s the right moment, no one may be coming, and you might pass great opportunities because you are waiting. So get over your victimization, get away from handouts, get up, move and work. You are the master, and you define what type of success and life you build for yourself. You are the boss in your life, not anyone else. Enough. The time for change is now. If you are not living your dream yet – it’s 100% your fault, no one else’s.

So, here’s what we will do about it:

  • Analyze your strength and resources
  • Define goals
  • Conduct point A – point B exercise
  • Create a strategy
  • Develop a plan
  • Implement new habits
  • Live your success

We can do it together, and you will not even recognize yourself and your life in six months. The time for change is now. Let me help you get where you always wanted to be. Book a personal strategy session HERE. Want a mouthwatering 25% OFF of 20 hr package? Drop me a line: