Action or Excuse?

Action or Excuse?

Posted by Lucy Kovalova-Woods on Mar 16th 2023

When you gain clarity on what you want to do in your life, which dream of pursuing, and lay out the strategy to achieve your goals, you have only two options – action or excuse.

These two options will provide the clarity you need.

  1. Have you taken action today?
  2. What excuses are you coming up with for why you haven't?

Seems too harsh? Let's face it, in reality, you either solve a problem or let it be.

Today, make a decision. This will affect your tomorrow. Just like knowing that you'll likely feel sick if you miss your medications. Inflating your diet can cause you to add extra pounds. You know what choices are good for you and which are not. This is the same with everything else. Working on your dreams and goals, and following through on the strategy, means you are making a choice. Are you going through the motions, or do you have the next 'why'?

Making yourself do things you know to do is as hard. Setting the goal is easy. But if you know what you want, why not follow through? Strategy is the core to helping you. The rest is up to you. If you choose something else instead of getting that extra task done, you are procrastinating or finding another excuse why you can't. When the absolute truth is you can, you are afraid, unsure, don't know how, or pick the wrong goal. Have you got the right plan?

If your goal is spot-on:

Verify the strategy and the tools you use.

  • Next, analyze your focus and time management skills.
  • Obtain advice
  • Keep going, and you will find how to progress better, not necessarily faster – but get you on the right track.
  • Finally – the result depends on you. And to be clear, it strongly depends on your action and inaction.

Sometimes it takes us years to get to the point where we are ready for that ultimate change, the ultimate dream. The truth is – it's never too late. The best time to start is now - not tomorrow. The worst time is the time lost for inaction. Make your choice.

What do you need to get going?

  • Conduct point A – point B exercise
  • Analyze your schedule and calendar
  • Define your goal

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